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Horseback Riding with AVA

Horseback Riding in Colorado

When planning your vacation in Colorado, it's important to keep in mind the endless number of activities and places to see. Some of the most popular activities, besides the obvious snow related ones, include hiking, 

Horseback Riding

camping, rafting, ziplining and horseback riding and can be accomplished in several locations across the state. Colorado is known for its sprawling landscapes, natural landscapes, and lively wildlife. Most of these activities offer unmatched scenery and thrilling adventure all wrapped up into one amazing trip. Horseback riding with AVA is one of those awesome adventures that is sure to stay with you for a lifetime.

AVA offers a multitude of locations and ride options across the state for every level rider. In Buena Vista, CO we offer some of our most popular rides which include our Sunset and Waterfall trips that both extend to a four hour ride! Our trips in Buena Vista pair excellently with our half day rafting voyages, Mountaintop Zipline and half day rock climbing excursions! For those staying in Summit County and looking to do a quick family ride we have you covered on our 90 minute Breckenridge trail ride that takes you through Peak 9 and Peak 10 of the Breck ski area and offers a complete new look on the town of Breckenridge. Our go-to trip for horseback riding in 

Horseback Riding

Colorado is our amazing Dinner Ride, which offers guests a true western experience that includes a 90 minute trail ride, outdoor BBQ around a campfire, and live country music that is sure to get your party line dancing in no time.

Regardless of which type of ride you choose to participate in your family is sure to see some of Colorado's best terrain and may even see some of Colorado’s curious wildlife while you're out there. For more information on everything Colorado has to offer, feel free to give us a call at (800) 370-0581. Remember to book in advance to reserve your ideal time and date!