AVA may have the most thrilling, most fun zip line in Colorado, but, unfortunately, we don’t have the longest zip line in the world. Just remember that just because a zip line is the longest does not mean it’s the best. AVA’s Colorado zip line tours through the forest surrounding the Rocky Mountains and over the rushing Arkansas River is where the real fun is! But just for kicks, let’s take a look at some of the longest zip lines from all over the world, in no certain order.

Longest Zip Line in the World

  • The Pronutro Zip 2000: World’s longest zip line at 2,000 meters (6,561 feet) and is located in Sun City, South Africa.
  • Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park Zip Line: In Orocovis, Puerto Rico, this zip line is 1,446 meters (4,475 feet) in length.
  • KapohoKine Zip Line: This Hawaiian zip line provides spectacular views of the Umauma falls and is 1,036 meters (3,400 feet) long.
  • Heavenly Ski Resort Zip Line: In Lake Tahoe, California, this zip line is 1,006 meters (3,300 feet) long.
  • The Zip Zone: Located in the Philippines, The Zip Zone’ dual cables are 840 meters long each with an elevation drop of 100 meters and speeds of 60-100 KPH. The course is 840 meters (2,756 feet) long.
  • The Hoonah Icy Straight Point Zip Line: This Alaskan zip line is 1,625 meters (5,330 feet) long and takes ninety seconds to complete.
  • The Tu Ru Bari Tropical Park Zip Line: This Costa Rican zip line is 1,036 meters (3,400 feet) long.
  • The Cali, Colombia Zip Line: South America’s longest zip line is 1,200 meters (3,937 feet) in length and two zip lines cross the gorge twice.
  • The SkyRider Zip Line: At 975 meters (3,200 feet) and six hundred feet above the ground, the SkyRider is the second largest zip line in North America.


AVA has one-half day tours and even package deals where you can combine whitewater rafting with zip lining for a full day of adventure in and out of the water! As long as your children weigh 75 pounds and are at least ten years old, the whole family can participate in AVA’s exhilarating zip line adventures! Contact AVA and book your Colorado zip line trip now!