Mountain biking can be an extremely fun sport. Once you fall in love with biking, you can pretty much travel any where- from mountain paths to between amazing cities. From beginner to advanced riding there is a terrain for everyone. Mountain biking requires endurance, core strength and balance but is also a lot of fun! The lovely town of Buena Vista has a large range of mountain biking trails for every ability. Here are some of our favorite trails:

1. Midland Railroad Grade: This is a very popular mountain biking trail with single track lines starting from the Arkansas River. This trail provides stunning views of Mt. Princeton and the Arkansas Valley so be sure to bring a camera. Ride time is about 2-3 hours with a length of around 14 miles.

2. Buena Vista River Road: Year round depending on snow accumulation, this is a wonderful trip for all riders. This trail follows the Midland Railroad and runs parallel to the Arkansas River. If you are a rafter or familiar with the Arkansas River, it will run parallel with the Numbers portion of the river, which is a more advanced section of rapids. You can wave at the AVA Rafting trips on this section as your ride by! The ride time for this trip is around 1-4 hours and the length is about 18.6 miles. This easy ride is great for families and first time mountain bikers.



Mountain Biking near Buena Vista


3. Colorado Trail: This trail is better for advanced mountain biking and is 16 miles long. The ride time for this trip varies from 1-5 hours due to the advanced nature of the trail. The Colorado trail has tough and steep uphill climbs, and sharp up and down hill sections. There is a lot of climbing on this trail so be prepared for a high endurance kind of trip!

If you are going to be mountain biking on any of these trails make sure to be prepared and enjoy yourself! We reccomend bringing water and snack for long rides to keep your energy. Also make sure to wear proper gear such as lightweight and durable clothing. Things to think about bringing would be backpacks, tools for your bike in case of bike malfunctions, gloves to avoid blisters, glasses, proper footwear and a light on your bike incase the trip becomes longer than expected. Don't forget to bring a good attitude and a camera for remembering how awesome of a mountain bike journey it was!