Overnight Rafting in the Rocky Mountains
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Overnight Rafting Trips are the best way to experience the Rocky Mountains

Winter Rafting in Grand Canyon

There is nothing like spending a summer vacation in the beautiful and magnificent Rocky Mountains. The dramatic landscape, wealth of activities, and beautiful weather all combine into an amazing all-around experience. When taking a trip to the Rockies, it can be tough to find experiences that allow for you to grasp all the different aspects that the mountains have to offer. One experience that will allow you to combine everything that the Rockies have to offer into one activity is an overnight rafting trip on the Arkansas river.

Colorado River through the Grand Canyon

Overnight Rafting Trips in Brown’s Canyon

An overnight Colorado rafting trip is filled with rafting, ziplining, camping, delicious food, star filled nights and great company.

After the first day of rafting, our guides will set up camp for you in the heart of Browns Canyon, Colorado for a spectacular evening. You can enjoy a hike through the breathtaking Arkansas Valley or tie a line and relax while we cook you a delicious dinner under the stars with friends.

Enjoy stories from friends next to a crackling fire, then retire and wake up to the sound of sizzling bacon. After your hearty meal and a hot cup of coffee, the guides will pack everything up and launch our boats into a morning of fantastic whitewater.

When you attend an overnight rafting trip, one of the best parts is not having to worry about all of the planning, execution and safety.

Here is a list of what your all inclusive trip has to offer:

  • Wet-suits, splash jackets, helmets, and life jackets
  • A gear raft to carry all belongings, provisions, and camping equipment to make traveling easy on you
  • Tents, sleeping pads, chairs, tables, and firewood
  • Hike, fish or play games at camp
  • A delicious dinner and breakfast prepared by your guide
  • Enjoy the stories and company of your guides under the stars
  • Sleeping under the stars in the Brown’s Canyon – not something many people get to experience in their lifetime!
  • Approximately 22 miles on a beautiful stretch of the Arkansas River

We visit Colorado to experience all of the outdoor beauty it has to offer. However, we know that planning, preparing, and even paying for an outdoor adventure vacation can be more than we can handle sometimes.

Whats more expensive, an overnight rafting trip through the Rockies or a night in Denver? The results may surprise you!…

Posted by AVA Rafting & Zipline on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Overnight Trip in Denver, Colorado

Although Denver is an awesome city, it is not always conducive to a smooth and adventurous vacation.

Transportation: Getting to and from the city is time consuming, expensive and even dangerous at times. We recommend letting the experts get you to and from your adventures and while they are at it, they will handle everything else too.

Adventures: Taking half or even full day trips from Denver can entail a lot of driving for a little adventure. In order to have a Colorado trip worth telling your friends about, we recommend getting up into the mountains for a humbling experience.

Meals: There are a lot of great restaurants in Denver to experience and we think you should. But, how many other times in your life will you get homemade food cooked right on a campfire for you? We aren’t kidding when we say it is absolutely delicious, especially after a day on the river.

When you compare 24 hours in Denver versus 24 hours in the Brown’s Canyon, it is pretty straight forward which will make for the best vacation. Not only will you spend less money, but you get to fully unplug from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy this beautiful state the way it is meant to be explored.

Let’s explore a few reasons that make Colorado incredible and why you need to get out and see it

1.) The dramatic Landscape 

Rafting down the Rio Grande

The Arkansas river provides a natural highway through the dramatic landscape of the Rocky Mountains.

You can begin on the high and daunting gorge of Pine Creek. This class IV section does not lack terrain and provides large drops, waterfalls, and a speedy trip through a deep granite gorge.

Next you go through the continuous class IV section of the numbers and cool down in the famous and beautiful Browns Canyon.

Evenings bring gorgeous sunsets over the massive Collegiate Peaks. These are some of the largest mountains in Colorado, hosting the tallest in the state, Mount Elbert at a stunning 14,439 ft.

An overnight rafting trip on the Arkansas is sure to give you every chance to understand the dramatic landscape of Colorado.  

2.) Wealth of Activities 

Colorado Fly Fishing

Colorado has a plethora of activities that you can participate in. The problem? You’re only in Colorado for a few days and have no idea how you can fit everything in. The solution? An overnight rafting trip on the Arkansas River of course!

You may ask, “How does a rafting trip allow me to experience multiple activities?” Well, AVA offers the 3-day mild to wild on the Arkansas river.

This experience offers rafting, of course, but you will also be camping, cooking out, swimming, climbing, and hiking! This is all possible in a 3-day window on this trip alone. You can even rappel into granite gorge for an adrenaline-filled experience that you will never forget. This is one of the best ways that you can get all of these activities and experiences in even just a short visit.  

3.) Beautiful Weather 

No one wants to sit inside on a beautiful Colorado Summer day. A good solution to this is forcing yourself to stay outside by committing to multiple days on the river. The only time you’ll spend indoors on this trip is when you crawl into your tent at night after an exhausting and adventurous day. Every activity from rafting to climbing to hiking will force you to utilize the gorgeous weather and views for those three days. Trust me, you will not regret it. 

As we have seen, the best way to experience the Rocky Mountains on your next trip to Colorado is an overnight rafting trip. This trip allows you to experience the awesome landscape, wealth of activities, and beautiful summer weather in the state. Make sure to book an overnight rafting trip for your next trip to the Rocky Mountains!