As the daytime temperatures warm up in the Rocky Mountains, the snow is starting to melt up and flow into The Arkansas River and Clear Creek. When this happens late May to mid-June, its high water season. High water yields incredible whitewater rapids that are sure to get your heart pumping.  The river gets more wild and fun along all sections, bringing all those exciting and challenging rafting trips to their prime.  The waves, hydraulics and currents will all be bigger, meaning you’re in store for a fantastic trip down the river.  Here are some exhilarating stretches of whitewater you should check out in the next month.

Pine Creek | Arkansas River

Take a trip down to the beautiful and scenic Buena Vista area to take on this intense section of the Arkansas River.  Labeled a Class V, the Pine Creek trip won’t fail to thrill over the next month.  This is best for experienced rafters or the physically fit who are ready for a challenge.  Continuous pumping rapids flow along this stretch of the Ark and it’ll give everyone in the raft a good workout as you won’t catch a break from paddling.  While this trip is always exciting, late May to mid-June the river will be ripping with high water.  Rapids such as Pine Creek hole, Triple Drop rapid and Tombstone will be raging. Bumping, splashing and paddling hard, this trip will be a can’t miss.

Pine Creek Colorado

Lower Canyon | Clear Creek

Trying to stay close to Denver but on the hunt for an action-packed mountain getaway?  The Lower Canyon on Clear Creek is for you.  The most scenic and challenging portion of Clear Creek is home to another stretch of Class V whitewater.  Already a fast section of the river, high water only makes it run faster. Venture through the beautiful area and navigate some intense rapids on this thrilling adventure.

Numbers and Narrows Full Day | Arkansas River

Take in the beautiful Collegiate Peaks while plowing down Class IV whitewater. This full day trip will give you a chance to enjoy the fun of high water this season.  This trip is slightly less intense than the Class V’s, but still a very involved ride that is sure to provide an exhilarating day.  The Number and Narrows trip is an entire 18 miles of river, and you’ll be speeding along as the water flows start pumping.  The Numbers consists of seven steep and technical rapids including drops and channels, and you’ll get to take a much-needed breather before you take on the narrows.  The best part about this trip is the hot chicken fajita lunch riverside in between rapids.

Upper Clear Creek | Clear Creek

Another great Class IV section of river is the Upper Clear Creek just 30 minutes west of the Denver area.  Located in Idaho Springs, the quick moving water and complex sections are going to be at full blast with the high water. Rip through the rapids Nomad, Pheonix Holes and Outer Limits splashing full speed ahead.  If you’re not wanting to venture far from the front range, this is a great trip for you.

While all summer is a great time to go rafting, the intensity of high water is right around the corner.  If you’re really looking to speed down rapids and paddle through swift currents, there’s no time like now to book a trip with AVA Rafting and get out on the river.