Updated Deals with AVA

What do rafting companies and airline providers have in common? Deals, deals, and more deals. There always seems to be a new promotion or discount available depending on what’s popular or what intrigues us. AVA Rafting would like to take the time to inform our many amazing guests about a few changes we are making in order to offer everyone a deal that may fit their travel plans and adventures.

Why Raft in the Morning?

If you are not a morning person you may be asking yourself a few questions about why people would want to raft in the morning, and the answers may surprise you. In other climates, the general thinking is that it becomes warmer as the day goes on. This happens in Colorado too, with a twist. During the months of June, July, and August Colorado turns into an outdoor wonderland filled with wildflowers, meadows and natural growth as if the earth hadn’t seen the sun for 6 months (which it doesn’t because of snow fall, stay with me). What allows this to happen are the numerous afternoon thunderstorms that generally arrive during the afternoon hours on a daily basis. Because these storms generally come in the afternoon, the mornings can almost guarantee sunny skies.


Now this is a good one. All someone has to do to take advantage of our Early Bird discount is to do exactly as the name suggests and take the early trip! I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase ‘the early bird gets the worm.’ In this case, the early bird gets the best deal. In an effort to get more guest up and moving in the morning we have dropped the price on most of our morning trips along with offering added discounts for certain locations. So not only is it priced cheaper, but it may also be discounted more! The following trips now have a 15% discount that can be applied out of our Idaho Springs outpost:

8:00am Upper Clear Creek
8:00am Cliffside Zipline
8:30am Gold Rush

In addition, we have lowered the prices of our morning half-day rafting trips out of our Granite and Kremmling locations. These are statistically the two most popular rafting locations in the state of Colorado because of the amazing scenery and atmosphere the rivers offer guests, not to mention the thrill of the rapids. Use promo code EARLYBIRD17 when you book online, or mention this deal when you call.


One of the most rafted sections in the United States due to its amazing scenery and range of whitewater adventures, Browns Canyon is a must see for visitors looking for a whitewater adventure. Our half-day excursions offer consistent Class III rapids through stunning red rock canyon formations, surrounded by 14,000 ft mountain peaks. We have now lowered the price of our 8:30am Browns Canyon ½ Day by $10/person! That means the price to raft in iconic Browns Canyon is now $64 for adults and $54 for children. This is too good to be true, and may not last long. No promo code needed.


Don’t let the name fool you; the Upper Colorado is no pleasure cruise. Even though the highest rapids on our half-day trips are only Class II, the Upper Colorado is still a thrilling adventure in yet another beautiful Colorado canyon. With a minimum age of 2 years and 30lbs, this is truly a trip for all ages and can now be enjoyed at, you got it, and Early Bird rate! The price for the 9:00am ½ Day Upper Colorado Float is now $54 for adults and $27 for children. No promo code needed. That cannot be beat!



Now that we sold you on the morning trips, let’s look at the other end of the day. With the sun setting, on average, around 8:30pm, there is plenty of day left after morning activities to take part in an evening rafting trip or high mountain zipline tour. Here are a few trips to keep in mind if your schedule limits you to a late afternoon activity and offer a buy one, get one 50% off discount:

5:30pm Upper Clear Creek
6pm Cliffside Zipline tours
6pm Gold Rush Trips

Use code HAPPY17 when you book online, or mention this deal when you call.


Ok, one more deal that is sure to amaze, and if you read the title of this paragraph, you are still here. That’s right, we are now offering our Gold Rush 1/3 day trip for $5!! All you have to do is take part in our amazing new adventure called the Via Ferrata. Get your heart beating with this amazingly awesome climbing and cliff traversing adventure. Then cool off on the Gold Rush while blasting through some Class III rapids. Read more about this exciting package and use promo code VIARAFT when you book online, or mention this deal when you call.

The crew over at Bizzy Coffee recently joined us for this exciting package adventure. Check it out:



No matter what activity you choose, try and plan your day to take advantage of one of our many deals we have to offer.