raftingWhen is the last time you stepped away and unplugged yourself from technology? For most people it has been quite some time. It is hard to notice how attached we are to our cell phones, computers, TV’s, video games etc. because everyone around you is living the same lifestyle. It Is very healthy to pull yourself away from the fast paced world and enjoy the small things in life. If you are in need of some ideas of what to do with your free time, then take a look below for some ideas!


From class l-V (Beginner to Expert) to float trips to kayaks to paddle boards to amazing family fun on the river, throughout the Centennial state. There are endless opportunities to temporarily ditch those time consuming, fun sucking devices. AVA offers tours on the Colorado River, Clear Creek and Arkansas River. No matter rain or sunshine, you are in for a treat!

Zip Lining

Looking to get more adventurous? Then take a look at the Cliffside and Mountain Top Zip Line Tours offered by AVA. Take a plunge off a 50 foot free fall, surf your way through the treetops or race your best buddy to the finish over the raging river. It is an experience for the whole family!


There is no better feeling than when you accomplish something extraordinary, am I right? Waking up before the sunrise, carrying that heavy pack, gaining crazy elevation just for what? That answer is what you will find at your destination. Whether or not you are picking those feet up that peak one by one or pedaling your way to the top of a trail, there is a feeling of accomplishment that you will not get by sitting behind a computer screen.

hikingNow that you have some ideas of what you can do once you put your mobile devices away and disconnect from everyone, it is time to get up and make it happen! Do not wait any longer, rafting season is right around the corner! So, try something new and refreshing!