If you have ever worked in the food or service industry, then you are very much aware of what it means to give an appropriate tip. While we don’t have a policy for tipping our guides, tips are not required but they are appreciated. Your guide doesn’t just guide the boat; there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that each guide puts into every trip. We boast the best, most experienced guides in the business. In addition to that, our guides serve as storytellers, history buffs, amateur geologists, animal and plant identifiers, comedians and protectors during your trip. While they love what they do and are passionate about adventure, showing them your appreciation with a simple gratuity is always welcome.

Generally, when it comes to tipping a raft guide, people tend to follow the tipping standards for other service industry tips (restaurant, hair dresser, taxi service, etc).  Like any other industry, your tip should be based on the quality of service you receive. This can include giving more than a 20% tip.

Your Guide, Your Safety. Yes, you are going on an extreme adventure, but your trip and, of course, your safety are in the hands of our experienced guides. They go above and beyond to make sure that no matter how many passengers and no matter the age of the passengers, everyone has a safe trip. There are always risks when participating in extreme sports, but those risks are cut down when adventuring with an AVA guide. What better way to thank your guide for getting you somewhere you have always wanted to go safety than with a great tip?

Your Guide, Your Trip. When it comes to great customer service, our guides are the best at making your trip a full -on adventure. They are fully knowledgeable on the area they are taking you rafting in. This can be about the river you are on, the town you are rafting through, or the gear you are working with. Our guides are similar to tour guides and strive to give you a great experience. Not to mention, if you take the right trip they will cook for you too! Your guides are more than just guides; they are your information gurus for everything AVA.

If your guide was so exceptional that you want him or her to be your guide on all future trips, simply request him at the time you make your reservation. While we cannot promise he/she will be available that day, we will do everything in our power to accommodate your request. The earlier you contact AVA to schedule your rafting trip, the better your chances of getting the requested guide.