While winter might seem an odd time to plan a summer adventure, savvy travelers know that the colder months offer the best deals and ensure an unforgettable experience. Discover the unique advantages of booking your family or group summer rafting, zipline, Via Ferrata, or other adventure trip now, including the added benefits of Black Friday and seasonal deals.  

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Early Bird Gets the Prime Dates 

Booking your summer rafting trip early allows you to secure prime dates for your adventure. Popular rafting trips, such as our Browns Canyon ½ day or Gold Rush trips, often fill up quickly, especially during peak summer months when everyone is eager to ride the rapids. By planning ahead during the winter season, you ensure that you have your pick of dates, allowing you and your family to raft when you want, where you want!

Our three outposts in Idaho Springs, Buena Vista, and Kremmling, along with other rafting opportunities throughout the state, ensure that your family has access to adventure no matter where your Colorado trip takes you. 

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Secure the Best Rates with Seasonal Deals 

Winter is not just about snow and chilly temperatures; it’s also the season of incredible deals and discounts. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in particular, are golden opportunities to snag the best rates for your summer rafting trip. Check out our deals page to discover exclusive Black Friday and seasonal discounts that can significantly reduce the overall cost of your adventure. Whether it’s a percentage off the total price, a BOGO deal, or a bundled package, these deals make winter the perfect time to turn your summer dreams into a budget-friendly reality. 

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Customize Your Group’s Experience 

For groups especially, winter is the best time to plan your trip. By booking far enough in advance, you ensure you pick the dates and adventure trip options optimal for your larger party. This also gives your group plenty of time to plan the other aspects of your Colorado itinerary. Read even more about planning your group rafting trip here. 

We additionally offer special early-bird discounts for families, sports teams, church groups, corporate teams, and all other large groups of 10 plus. By booking now, you give yourself the chance to explore these specialized offerings, allowing us to help you customize your rafting experience to suit the needs and preferences of your party.  

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Give the Gift of Adventure 

Consider turning your summer rafting trip into a unique holiday present for your family or giving the gift of adventure to a loved one – a gift they won’t want to return! What could be more memorable than the promise of an upcoming summer adventure? Booking your rafting trip as a holiday gift not only adds a touch of excitement to the season but also allows everyone to look forward to the warmer months and unforgettable Colorado adventures. Get inspired with AVA’s adventure holiday guide! 

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Experience Peace of Mind Planning 

Our bookings come with a flexible cancellation and change policy, providing peace of mind for uncertain times. Whether you’re unsure about the exact dates of your adventure or the remainder of your group’s travel itinerary, or you experience an emergency, we understand the need for flexibility. We recommend that your group book your spring or summer trip now and contact us if you need to change your plans! We’ll be more than happy to help you out.  

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Beat the Winter Blues 

Planning your summer rafting trip during winter isn’t just about getting the best rates and dates – it’s also a powerful antidote to the winter blues. The mere act of envisioning the sun on your face, the splash of the river’s spray, and the thrill of conquering rapids can lift spirits during the coldest months.  

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Booking your family or group summer rafting trip during winter is a strategic decision that combines the best deals with the much-needed anticipation for summer adventure. Embrace the chill, turn the winter blues into an adventure-planning session, and get ready for a summer filled with unforgettable rafting and other adventures. With the best rates, flexible policies, and exclusive deals at your fingertips, winter is undeniably the ideal time to turn your rafting dreams into reality. Check out all our 2024 trips and our seasonal deals and get planning today!