The Arkansas River and the majestic peaks of the Collegiate Mountains form what is commonly known to Coloradans as The Arkansas Valley.  This valley is speckled with little towns rich in cultural mining history.  One of these towns is the 1859 miner settlement of Leadville.  Situated at nearly 10,200 feet and at the headwaters of the river, Leadville and its historic district are a definite site to see while visiting the valley.

Said to be the center of Colorado’s history, Leadville earned its fame from the fortunes made from the copious amounts of rich mineral deposits and placer gold found below its surface.  To this day, mining operations are still conducted daily in the surrounding areas.  For this reason, Leadville is a great place to visit for those looking to learn more about Colorado’s mining history.  Main Street is scattered with museums, historical stops, and information regarding nearby ghost towns.  The town also offers a scenic train ride along one of the original mining rails.  This is a great opportunity to see all the valley has to offer while taking a tour through history.

For those looking for more modern activities, Leadville Main Street offers shopping, fabulous restaurants and coffee shops, and elegant bed and breakfasts. A favorite shopping spot of Colorado residents is Melanzana. Born and bred out of Leadville, Melanzana is known for its performance wear and dedication to locally made products. Look closely at your AVA guide; chances are, they are rocking some Melanzana!

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the local hiking and biking trails, fishing in Turquoise Lake, and access to Leadville’s home mountain called Ski Cooper.  With so much to offer, Leadville makes a great location for the whole family to visit.

For more information on the City of Leadville or activities offered nearby, contact an agent at Arkansas Valley Adventures by calling 877-RAFTING.