Best Camping in Buena Vista
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Best Camping in Buena Vista

Camping with Kids in Colorado

Buena Vista is a hub for all outdoor activities in Colorado. Nearby you can find basically anything you want to do from fly fishing, to horseback riding, to rafting and zip lining. One of the best ways to make this an incredible experience you will never forget is to add a little camping to your adventure mix. The hardest thing about camping in Buena Vista is picking which campground to settle at for an evening. To make it easier for you we’ve narrowed it down to our 5 favorites (in no particular order):



  1. Collegiate Peaks Campground:  Located about 11 miles from Buena Vista, these stunning campsites sit at 9,800 feet. Cottonwood Creek runs right next to the campground and is a great place for anglers of all experiences to fish for trout. Dense ponderosa pine and aspen trees give each campsite privacy and a real “in the middle of nature” feel.
  2. Buena Vista KOA: Nestled in the midst of the Collegiate Peaks, this campground has stunning panoramic views of all the Mount Harvard, Mount Yale, Mount Columbia and everything in-between. If the view is not enough for you, the cook shack in the campground offers breakfast during the summer. They also offer free wifi for all of their guests.
  3. Cottonwood Lake: Groves of young aspens give way to vistas of the surrounding mountain peaks. The 43-acre Cottonwood Lake sits about 1 mile away from the campsites and is perfect for hiking, biking and picnicking. Sightings of exciting wildlife are frequent in the area, so make sure you practice safe camping techniques.
  4. Arkansas River Rim Campground: Located in the “Banana Belt of the Rockies”, this campground backs up to the forest in this warmer area of the region. The Arkansas River is only 1 mile away and can only be seen from the campground. Hummingbirds constantly fly through the air and chipmunks can be seen scurrying through the trees. Another perk of camping here is the laundry facilities that are offered.
  5. AVA’s Granite Outpost: AVA has campgrounds available for guests, as well as rustic mining cabins that have been repurposed into the perfect experience you can’t find anywhere else. There is a private chef who cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you choose to add on meals. It is also the hub for all of AVA’s activities in the area so you are right by rafting, ziplining, rock climbing and more! Another unique experience is that the guides live onsite, so after an exciting day of adventure you can eat dinner and hang out with your guides!



No matter where you end up camping in Buena Vista you really can’t go wrong. If you are camping this summer, always make sure that you take the proper precautions in regards to keeping food safe from bears and always check if there is a fire ban in the area before starting a campfire. Looking for more adventure? Our overnight rafting trips include riverside camping! More than anything enjoy the outdoors and have some fun!