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4 Reasons a Colorado Saddle and Paddle Makes the Perfect Weekend Adventure

Horseback Riding Colorado

There are many ways to create wonderful memories in beautiful Colorado. The diversity of the state gives many opportunities to see breath taking views, to having extreme adrenaline filled adventures. One great way to spend a weekend in Colorado is with a “Saddle and Paddle”. With a saddle and paddle you get to take on the Rocky Mountains in two ways. First, you get to explore amazing trails as you work your way up mountains and through valleys on horseback.  Then, navigate some whitewater on one of the most popular summer activities in Colorado.  Here are 4 reasons why a Saddle and Paddle makes for the perfect weekend adventure.

1. It can be done in a day.

Sounds like a lot, but a Saddle and Paddle can easily be done in a day. AVA Rafting & Ziplining offers a 2-hour horseback ride and ½ day river trip on the Upper Colorado River out of our Kremmling location that is all done in one day. This gives your weekend one day full of adventure and gives you the second day to relax or take on some other activities.

2. It’s a great new experience.

Some people have never been horseback riding and some people have never been rafting. This gives you the opportunity to knock off two activities on your bucket list in one day. Horseback riding gives you the opportunity to cover more ground on trails that are often a bit too rugged to hike and enjoy the scenery at the same time. Rafting lets you connect to nature through the river. Both are a must for anyone who has not experienced either of the activities.

3. The views.

These two activities give you new perspectives of the Colorado scenery. The horseback ride will take you through the mountains at a much faster pace than your own two feet, so be ready to have your breath taken away.  And on the other hand, whitewater rafting will take you through canyons and you’ll be covering some ground as you cruise miles on the river.

4. It’s fun for everybody.

Usually children as young as 2 are able to go horseback rides and kids over 30 pounds can go rafting on sections of river that are under class III. Horseback trip can range from 1-4 hours and rafting can range from class II (almost no rapids) to class V (advanced whitewater). Throughout the state you can find stables and rafting companies in locations that allow you to do both these activities in one day, many companies will have packages for both. If you’re looking for a long day on horseback followed by intense rafting, or a short horseback ride with a nice relaxing float down the river, there are options for a wide range of ages with a saddle and paddle.

Next time you’re looking for an adventure in Colorado, book a Saddle and Paddle!  You’ll have an action-packed day all set up and memories that will last a lifetime.