Take Adventure to New Heights on Colorado's Via Ferratas
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Take Adventure to New Heights on Colorado’s Via Ferratas

Bridge part of Via Ferrata course

Do you long to feel your heart beat a little faster? Adrenaline course through your veins? Hands shake in anticipation?

And no, we’re not talking about a great first date or your big presentation at work.

At one point or another, almost everyone begins to feel the monotony of routine! We long for a little extra excitement and thrill in our daily lives.

Some choose bungee jumping or skydiving, but we’re here to let you in on a lesser known, yet just as adrenaline spiking, heart-racing adventure: Colorado’s Via Ferratas!

Woman on Via Ferrata course

Via Ferrata, Italian for “iron path,” is a mountain route fixed with paths, iron handholds, and bridges. These man-made pieces of landscape originated in the Italian Dolomites and Austrian Alps in the mid-1800s, as a means to traverse the difficult and dangerous terrain. In World War I, military forces utilized the Via Ferrata routes to gain strategic position high up in the mountains.


Soldiers struggled to traverse the rocky Alps and Dolomites

After World War II, the local European Alpine Clubs added more holds, as well as cable reinforcements to increase accessibility. With this change, the Via Ferratas became used by tourists and hikers, as they afforded easier summit of the Alps, and led to an increase in Via Ferrata for recreation and sport, rather than simply for functionality.

From the 1990’s, the popularity of Via Ferrata boomed, and they were soon found in France and Switzerland, with 150 in use throughout the Alps today. European ski resorts additionally drew on the popularity of the Via Ferrata to increase tourism and adventure opportunities. Specific climbing equipment also developed from the Via Ferrata to make climbing its unique features easier. Today, thrill seekers can find over 1000 Via Ferratas world-wide in North America, China, Iceland, and Africa—each one unique for its course structure and landscape.

Man climbing rope ladder on course

Today, the Via Ferrata is an exciting activity for beginner and advanced climbers alike and an activity not to be left off your Colorado itinerary! Because equipment is built into the rocks itself, the Via Ferrata allows those not as experienced in climbing technique to engage with cliffside adventure opportunities.

AVA’s Via Ferratas, located near Idaho Springs and Buena Vista, provide amazing views of the Colorado landscape from amazing heights. The Mount Evans experience includes bridges overlooking the Chicago Creek, a 70-foot rappel, and several lines of our unique zipline course. At our Buena Vista location, zipline into your starting point among the breathtaking Collegiate Peaks and then rappel over the Arkansas River. The Via Ferratas are built into the topography of the ground, making them an experience like no other. Traverse along the cliffside on iron rungs and suspended bridges and rappel down the cliff face.

Man crossing Via Ferrata using hand holds

Test your bravery!

Each experiences consist of 3 hours of challenging excitement, perfect for adults and children. Our trained guides will challenge you to test your limits, ensure your safety during the course, and act as any necessary support, both physically and mentally.

This adventure requires concentration, communication, and teamwork, and for this reason, it is also a unique adventure for any company or group looking to build confidence! Check out our group adventures for all ages.

With several times and days to choose from, these Via Ferrata adventures runs rain or shine!  Try out this historical climb, reach new heights, and rappel from the monotony of everyday life. We’ll provide all of the gear and knowledge, just bring your sense of adventure! Check out all our trips for even more thrilling Colorado experiences.

Edited by Rosa Canales, Marketing Specialist