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What to Expect on a River Rafting Trip

AVA offers many types of rafting in multiple locations, from beginner floats to the biggest Class V thrills. However, you can expect the process and experience of a trip with AVA to be very similar regardless of the trip you choose. Here are the basics:


With so many options, AVA is sure to have the perfect trip for your group. Whether you're interested in laid back and scenic or high adrenaline thrills; a couple hours on the water or a couple days; or you're hoping to combine several different activities with your whitewater rafting trip, AVA can provide one or more options. Take your time evaluating the different outposts and trips or call our sales office to speak to a rafting specialist.


We highly recommend booking your trip ahead of time. You can do this 24 hours a day on this website or by calling our helpful reservationists 7 days a week all year long at 800-370-0581. Once you’ve booked your trip, a detailed confirmation letter will be emailed to you. This email will include driving directions, a gear list, trip time and date, and more. 


You will arrive at an Outpost and check in. We take care of you from here. You almost never need to get back into your car after this. With our staff and guides’ instruction, you will gear up and get ready for your trip. Then you will put any other belongings into your car, lock your car and hand us your keys for safekeeping.


Depending on the trip, you will either start your trip from our office location or board one of our vehicles to take you to the starting point. You will not need to drive your own vehicle.


Have an absolute blast on your trip! You'll be given a introduction to white water rafting basics, from how to stay in the boat to proper paddling technique. Your guide will also provide a thorough safety orientation so you are prepared for anything that might happen while you are on the river. Then, it's time to take on the rapids.


After your trip, we pick you up in our vehicles and return you with huge smiles to our office, where you will change and look at pictures if your photo was taken on your trip. We get to say thanks for coming!

Our Rafting Experience

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