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What You Can Expect on an AVA Rock Climbing Tour

Learn from the Best

Before you start to climb, your guides will go over detailed instruction as well as an in-depth safety orientation.  By the time you start to climb, you’ll have a thorough understanding of what to expect.

Plenty of options

After checking in, your guides will determine which of our two convenient climbing locations will be the best fit for your group.  Numerous climbing routes mean plenty of fun for first timers, beginners and intermediate climbers.

Ages 5 and up. Harnesses, ropes, and helmets provided

Safe and Secure

All our climbs are “top rope” climbs.  You’ll wear a harness attached to a rope that will catch you in case you lose your grip. 

On Belay!

When you are climbing, you’ll have someone on the ground keeping the rope taut for you (with the help of your guides).

Returning to Earth

When you get to the top, you’ll let go of the rock and use the support of your rope to gently descend back to the ground.

Our Rock Climbing Experience

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