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Colorado Activity Packages

Serious Bang for your Buck & a Ton of Fun!

When it comes to exciting Colorado activities, it’s hard to pick just one.  That’s why AVA has created a variety of trip packages, allowing you to combine two or more activities and save money. We offer package options at two locations. Our Granite Outpost has packages that include rock climbing, rappelling, rafting, and zip lining. Our Idaho Springs Outpost has zip lining and rafting packages. Choose the length and difficulty level that fits your group, and we’ll find the perfect package for you!

We have packages with beginner, intermediate, and advanced options for raft trips - at 2 locations. Our Zipline Tours require no prior experience. 

Beginner/Intermediate Options:

Our beginner/intermediate packages are great family trips, providing plenty of excitement for all ages without being overly strenuous. Minimum age 7-10, depending on trip.  

At Granite Outpost north of Buena Vista:

At Idaho Springs Outpost:

Intermediate/Advanced Options:

Our Intermediate+ - Advanced options provide an extra adrenaline boost with more continuous whitewater on the rafting portion of the trip.  Great for experienced rafters or physically fit first timers.
Generally minimum age 15.  Good physical fitness highly recommended.

At Granite Outpost north of Buena Vista:

At Idaho Springs Outpost:

Advanced+ Options:

Our advanced + options are the ultimate in extreme adventure!  Physically demanding, these trips are truly rewarding for the adrenaline junkie in your group. For ages 15+. Good physical fitness required.  Must know how to swim. Adventurous rafters only! 

At Granite Outpost north of Buena Vista:

At Idaho Springs Outpost:

Booking one of our package trips is the ultimate in convenience!  Check in at our outpost, and we’ll take care of all the logistics for you. No need to worry about driving to multiple locations or trying to fit in a quick lunch between activities. Our friendly staff is ready to provide the best service from start to finish.

Rafting + Zipline Packages (2 locations, Granite and Idaho Springs)

Rafting + Rock Climbing Packages (Granite Outpost)

Zipline + Rock Climbing Package (Granite Outpost)

Rafting + Zipline + Cabin Packages (Granite Outpost)

Rafting + Zipline + Camping Packages (Granite Outpost)