Colorado: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Colorado is most well known as the the home of the Rocky Mountains, the Broncos and its thriving ski culture. While none of us in Colorado would trade that for the world, there are also a lot of other great things to see in our state. Here are some incredible places you won’t believe are in Colorado.


Nobody expects to see an endless sea of sand dunes when they visit Colorado. Most envision alpine environments complete with towering mountains, pines, and aspens, or maybe even the scabby cliffsides of our great canyons. Come explore the epic sand dunes of southern Colorado in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. Remember your sunscreen and bring along a sled; bombing down these dunes can be a blast! Dune boarding has also become popular in recent years. Shred down the dunes and show off some gnarly moves, getting that adrenaline fix you’ve been desperately needing since the winter season ended. Others may prefer the peace and serenity that the sand dunes offer. Their expansiveness allows hikers to get away from the crowds and get in touch with nature, while the sand absorbs soundwaves creating an eerie silence. Great Sand Dunes National Park offers something for everyone, no matter what your speed may be.


Take a soak in the blue hot springs of Glenwood, naturally heated and fed by underground heat and water. Perfect after a day spent in the back country skinning and skiing, or in bounds shredding the resort. Closest to Vail and Beaver Creek, this is certainly worth the 2 hour drive from Breckenridge as well. Soak those sore muscles, grab a six pack, and relax. You will be ready for whatever activities await the next day, whether that may be hiking, biking, or skiing. The hot springs are truly the perfect way to recover after a long day during the winter in the mountains.


Explore the land before time, where dinosaurs once roamed in Colorado. Over 1,500 fossilized dinosaur bones reside here, available for your viewing pleasure. Petroglyphs from the ancient Fremont civilization still exist here in pristine condition. Their mysterious nature will send shivers up your spine, as the meaning behind these symbols remain unknown. The amount of history that exists in this national park is astounding and will blow you away. Looking for something more exciting? White water rafting is available here as well, from class 2 to 4 rapids. Commercial and private rafting is available here, whether you are interested in a day trip or a multi day excursion. Camping is popular at Dinosaur National Monument, whether on a rafting trip on the side of the river or inland on the park. Several campsites are available for a nominal nightly fee, offering unique scenery and epic landscapes.


Witness some of the most extraordinary waterfalls in the west, located in Rocky Mountain National Forest. It takes a fairly long, yet mellow hike of 6.2 miles (round trip) to get to the falls, with almost 1,000 feet of elevation gain. The falls are therefore typically relatively secluded, a great place to find peace and serenity in an otherwise hectic world. Colorado’s parks can sometimes become crowded, particularly during peak visiting seasons, making this landmark a must visit for those willing to make the hike.


Nestled in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, this classic Colorado town is difficult to reach and secluded. The skiing here is legendary among Colorado natives and avid shredders, the town itself is rarely crowded due to its distance from any airport. Also a great destination during the summer, this quaint town is home to one of Colorado’s best wildflower festivals, and some amazing mountain biking. Hop on their website and check out what else they have to offer!