Overnight Rafting TripWhitewater rafting in Colorado will be the most memorable activity you do this summer if not the entire year.  Rafting is an adventure that brings exhilaration when you navigate your raft around a rock and then hoots and hollers when you experience a drop and smoothly handle it like a pro (with the help of your experienced raft guide, of course!).  But if you’re looking to amp up the adventure and make this experience one for the books – not just for the year – then consider staying the night with us under the stars and waking up with a hot, hearty breakfast cooked by your raft guide before you head off onto the river.  If you’re not convinced that an overnight rafting trip with AVA is for you, consider the pros of rafting with our experienced guides and having delicious meals cooked for you while you share stories next to the campfire.

Gear, experience, and food is included in the price of our overnight rafting trips.  With one of our overnight trips you don’t have to rent any gear beyond a sleeping bag – we bring the tent (a decent tent can be upwards of $200) and rent out sleeping bags (you’ll save some big dollars with us if you decide not to buy that brand new sleeping bag that costs $300). Fire & cooking supplies are included, these supplies can be upwards of $100 for a grill not to mention the supplies of starting the fire and actually getting to work on some grub!  Don’t forget the tasty food (forgo the trip to the grocery store, the bother of prepping the meal, and the struggle to make a satisfying, healthy meal that’ll still work after river transportation), keep in mind we’ve been doing this awhile and we have our river meals down to a science.  The man-power to set everything up and start cooking – thanks Bob the Raft Guide – is a huge bonus and gives you that extra time to bond with your friends & family and enjoy the beautiful Colorado surroundings!  We also take care of the bathroom situation (rentable groover’s start at $10 per day) as well as lifejacket, helmet, wetsuit, and splash jacket so that you can get to enjoying your vacation and leave the logistics to the professionals.

Our raft guides have an average of 8 years experience guiding the river and can provide you with a fun-filled adventure – both on the river and next to the fire sharing campfire stories.  Whether you have little ones and want a mellow overnight trip or you’re an adrenaline junkie, we have something for everyone.  Your raft guide will also set up camp for you, build that fire, and get to cooking tasty meals to refuel between rafting.  For the convenience, the money you’ll save with our included gear, and the peace of mind knowing you’re with the professionals, you won’t regret choosing us as your Colorado guide!Overnight Rafting Trip