Colorado Zip Lining If you’ve never been on a Colorado zip tour, you may be intrigued and excited by the idea of zooming through the trees, high above the babbling brooks, rushing rivers, and luxurious lakes that weave their way through the magnificent Colorado Mountains. If you are a seasoned zip liner, you know that nobody does Colorado ziplining like AVA.

Zip lines in Colorado have become one of the premier destinations for adventurous spirits looking for some thrills out of the water and off the slopes, and Colorado ziplining with AVA as your host will be an experience you will never forget. And with great summer package deals and package options that combine ziplining and rafting, you get more adventure for your money!

AVA zip lines in Colorado are safe, exhilarating and designed for all ages, sizes and experience levels. Whether you’re a novice or veteran zip liner, AVA has the tour for you!

Granite Outpost Zipline Course

As you soar through the crisp, clear Rocky Mountain air, you’ll take in the amazing scenery of AVA’s 44-acre property with snow-capped mountain peaks, the rushing Arkansas River, and the breathtaking pine and aspen trees that make the Granite Zipline Course hugely popular with our regular zip liners.

Requirements for the Granite Outpost Zipline Course:

  • minimum age of ten
  • minimum weight of 75 pounds
  • maximum weight of 250 pounds

Here are the details for package deals that include ziplining Granite Outpost and whitewater rafting:

  • Browns Canyon Half Day + Granite Outpost Zipline Package 1/2 Day raft, 1/2 day zipline Intermediate Class III $145 adult, $126 child 7-12 (zipline minimum age 10 & 75 lbs.) Check in: 8:30 am, includes lunch
  • Browns Canyon Sizzler + Dinner Zipline Package! Full Day Raft + Zipline + Dinner Intermediate Class III $179 adults, $160 kids age 7-12 (zipline minimum age 10 & 75 lbs) Check in: 9:30 am
  • 24 Hours in Browns Canyon + Zipline Package Overnight Rafting Trip + Zipline $312 adults, $283 kids 7-12 (zipline minimum age 10 & 75 lbs)
  • Numbers Half Day and Zipline Package Half Day Raft + Zipline Adventure Advanced Class III-V Rafting $150 adult 15+ on the raft trip
  • The Gauntlet and Zipline Package Full Day Raft + Zipline Adventure $188 adult, 15+ on the raft trip Check in: 8:30 am

Idaho Springs Outpost Zipline Course

The thrilling Idaho Springs zipline course begins with a hike to get to the start of the course, which weaves through the forest on AVA’s nine acre Idaho Springs property. This course offers six zips of different lengths and ends with you crossing over Chicago Creek. The requirements for this course are the same as above.

The great news about this course is that from June 8-July 8, 2012, you can get 25% off this adventure (use promo code ISRaftZip), and July 9-September 3, 2012, AVA is offering 25% off this course (use promo code ISZip)! You can also enjoy discounts when you combine ziplining with rafting; AVA offers some great summer package deals that you won’t be able to pass up!

Here are the details for package deals that include ziplining Idaho Springs Outpost and rafting:

  • Clear Creek Beginner + Zipline Package 1/3-day rafting, 1/2 day zipline $124 adults, $112 kids 10-12
  • Clear Creek Intermediate + Zipline Package 1/3-day rafting, 1/2 day zipline $139

Haven’t you always wanted to try zip lines in Colorado? If you’ve zip lined with AVA before, isn’t it time to treat yourself to another exhilarating zip through the scenic mountains, trees and waterways below?

Check out AVA’s great package deals and discounts when zip lining is combined with other activities. Call or email AVA seven days a week for more information and to book your Colorado ziplining trip now!