As I get a little older and my body starts to push back. it's sometimes nice to have a little more comfort when on those overnight camping trips. I’m always on the search for the newest gear coming out. My wish list always ends up a little larger than I would like but here are a few things I have either purchased or wish to purchase someday!

camping gadgetsOne of the best pieces of gear I have bought is the Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock. Every camping trip I go on in the summer I'm always bringing this along. It is incredibly comfortable and made of quality fabric. Mine has definitely been through the ringer but still looks and performs like it is brand new. These hammocks pack down very small, slightly bigger than a softball, into a stuff sack that is connected and are very light. Eagles Nest also makes plenty of accessories to go along with the hammock such as a bug net and a rain fly. For those warm summer nights leave the tent behind and this will be all you'll need!

I think that every backpacker has been there. You're packing up your gear the night before and deciding what to bring and what can be left behind. You look over to your bed and wish there was a way to bring that comfy pillow along but you know it will take up precious space in your pack, so you settle for rolling up that old sweatshirt yet again. Good news! The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Pillow will give you enough comfort for a good night sleep, as well as pack down small enough to not take up too much space in your pack.

For this next piece of gear just imagine being out on a rafting trip, wanting to take a few photos on your phone, but as soon as you go to take the first picture you realize your phone battery has died.For those of you wanting to get out into nature but still keep electronics running dead batteries are always an issue. The Goal Zero Guide 10 Solar Kit will take care of this issue. This device comes with the Nomad 7 Solar Panel and Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack. Also included is a USB cable, 12V adapter, and four rechargeable AA batteries.

If you need any more ideas for cool gear or if you know of the coolest new gadgets please let us know!