Never been whitewater rafting? What about ziplining? Is this your first time in Colorado?

Vacationing can be hectic. Between making lodging reservations and planning activities, vacationing itself can be a job. Fortunately for you, we made the activity planning part of your vacation super easy with our new and improved Trip Finder!


When you first arrive on our homepage you will notice a green banner at the top, that is one the main ways to navigate our website. On the green banner you will see the tab for out Trip Finder! The Trip Finder is your way to narrow down the activities that are not only the closest to where you may be staying, but also what activities are the most appropriate for you and your group. There are two main ways to find the perfect adventure.

When you first get to the Trip Finder, you will see a map of the whole state of Colorado. On the map, there are various pins throughout the state that show and dictate where we offer activities. If you hover over a pin it will name its location and underneath will show icons of the various activities in that area. If you click on one of the icons a screen will pop up with details explaining that adventure! Additionally, through that screen you can scroll and see what other activities may be available for that location!


If the map doesn’t tickle your fancy you can sort through our different trips and find your perfect adventure by using the filters on the left! By selecting your location, type of group you are adventuring with, the difficulty or intensity level desired, or trip length, you can be matched to your perfect adventure!

Planning your vacation and finding activities can be tiresome. With our new and improved Trip Finder this chore becomes and easy and fun task! Take a peek and see where you can explore in Colorado!