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Rookie Guide Training

Rookie Whitewater Rafting Guide Training

What’s the coolest job in the world you may ask? Well, if you ask us here at AVA Rafting we say River Guide! If you have ever thought about becoming a river guide, but have shied away for fear of the unknown, then worry not. Take a look below for the lowdown on rookie guide training.

AVA’s raft guide training last three weeks. The training encompasses physical conditioning, paddling techniques, safety techniques, and rescue scenarios. It is no easy task to complete training through AVA. As the best rafting outfitter in the state of Colorado we have the most experienced guides. Trained by career paddlers and to keep in line with the gnarliest of the gnar, you are sure to receive the best training available.

Guide Training

It demands physical and mental strength. Waking up early and jumping into freezing cold water is the way you will be starting your days in rookie training. Along with river training, there is also physical fitness training and possibly some training on the zip line course. AVA sets their guide training standards high. Not everyone who starts training will complete it and become a full fledged guide. You will not need any gear AVA supplies all of it for training, but after training you will most likely want to purchase your own. After completing training you will be ready to try out harder stretches of river and expand your training and skills

There are many things to look forward to during your summer with AVA. We do a lot of team building exercises and spend most of our time with fellow guides. Either camping or rock climbing there are many ways to enjoy your summer in Colorado. What better way to spend your summer than out on a beautiful river surrounded by majestic mountains as a river guide! 

Guide Training


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