While Breckenridge may be home to some incredible skiing, hiking, and biking, what one doesn’t think of when visiting Breck is skateboarding! Little did you know that Breckenridge has one of the best skateparks in the state and has been featured in several magazines.


Skateboarding near Breckenridge

Source: GoBreck.com

Completely renovated in October of 2014, the Breckenridge Skatepark doubled in size and fun! Prior to the renovations, the park was often considered small and outdated. Now however, with tons of new features this park is anything but outdated. Renovation additions included a snake run, two bowls, and a skateable historic mine cart! In total, with all the additions, the park is now a whopping 12,00ft sq ft!

The renovations were truly a locals movement. The local skate community pitched the idea to Breckenridge’s Town Council. It met little resistance and was approved. The renovations were contracted out to Team Pain, the company who originally designed the park 20 years prior.

With such an expansion, competitions and lessons have started becoming regular events. Hosted by the Breckenridge Recreation Center, “School Skateboarding” lessons are available to kids between the ages of 6 to 12. Open from sunup to sundown and weather permitting, there are certainly enough hours to get cruising.

Breckenridge’s skatepark has been called the best in the Colorado by skaters across the state. With so many new features and the park only growing in popularity, there is no reason not to go and check out what all the hype is after a rafting or zipline trip with AVA Rafting!