While spending a Spring Break in the Rocky Mountains isn’t the first thing that comes to most people’s minds, it might just be the best Spring Break you’ll ever have! Colorado ski resorts are still a blast in spring, with warm temperatures, parties, concerts and pond skimming. Snowy activities during this time of the year may also be more enjoyable as the temperature is warmer than in the dead of winter. However, if you’re still not such a big fan of being cold all the time, go warm up in the Strawberry Hot Springs near Steamboat Springs, CO.

Don’t spend your whole break on the slopes! While skiing will still be available during spring break time, spring and summer activities are beginning to emerge from their winter slumber at this time. Sure, there will still be snow on the mountain at this time of the year; but temperatures will be much warmer and sun will be more abundant. The warmer weather and sunlight causes a sort of frenzy of events in mountain towns. One of these events is the Bud Light Spring Jam, which is hosted in Aspen. You can also check out New Belgium Mountain Adventure which is a downhill scavenger hunt hosted in Winter Park, CO. Even if you aren’t so impervious to the cold as some of these Colorado natives are, take off that extra layer and feel a little more free hiking up the mountain!

You must be planning to do more than just hike while you’re up in the mountains. In which case, I’ve got a splendid idea for your family or group! Go ziplining! See the mountains, the birds, the running waters, all from WAY WAY up the air! All of this done from a harness on a wire. So all you gotta do, Mr. Jim Bob AND Daisy, is watch in amazement as you speed through the surrounding nature!

Are you wondering where to get in on this ziplining action? There’s no need to look. Just check out our Cliffside Zipline in Idaho Springs, available on Fridays – Sundays in March. Book your’s today!

Title image courtesy of Jack Afflect & Vail Resorts.