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White Water Rafting in Denver & Other Activities



Rafting near Denver

We are currently offering whitewater rafting trips on 4 rivers in Colorado: Clear Creek (30 minutes from Denver), the Blue River (1.5 hours from Denver), the Colorado River (2 hours from Denver) and the Arkansas River (2.5 hours from Denver). Learn more about all of the trips we are offering right now here. 


Denver’s central location in Colorado makes it easy to access the best mountain fun and adventure without a lot of travel. Denver is one seriously fun metropolis, but drive just a few miles from the city and you’re suddenly surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks and some of the most stunning scenery imaginable.


Denver White Water Rafting & Other Activities

Denver is one seriously fun metropolis, but drive just a few miles from the city and you’re suddenly surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks and some of the most stunning scenery imaginable. Indeed, you can have it all with AVA’s Denver whitewater rafting, ziplining, via ferrata, and train ride adventures! 


What is the closest rafting to Denver?

Clear Creek Canyon has world class white water rafting just 30 minutes from Denver. Whether you are looking for a family friendly rafting trip or an advanced rafting trip, there are guided rafting options at Clear Creek Canyon.

What is the closest zipline course to Denver?

There are two courses near Denver. Denver Adventures is located 30 miles south west of Denver in Conifer, CO. AVA Rafting & Zipline is located 30 miles west of Denver in the National Forest in Idaho Springs, CO.

What is the best rafting near Denver?

There are a lot of options for all levels. Clear Creek Canyon provides great Class 3,4 & 5 rafting. If you are willing to go a little farther, the Blue River in Summit County provides great whitewater and even better views.

When is the Denver whitewater rafting season?

The Denver rafting season typically starts near the end of April and can go through August. Rafting season does depend on the snow pack from the previous winter so depending on the year the season can be shorter or longer.

Denver White water rafting Tips

Can Kids Go Rafting?

Rafting is a great family activity. Our rafting trips that are near Denver, located in Clear Creek Canyon, are available to people ages 6+. During short periods of the year, the minimum age can be increased, but we offer rafting trips on the Upper Colorado for kids as young as 2.

Is Whitewater Rafting Safe & Fun?

Whitewater rafting is a thrilling experience for people of all ages. Working hard to paddle through the rapids while taking in breathtaking views is a great way to spend your day. Our guides go through 3 times more training then what the states require and they are able to navigate these waters all by themselves. You are in great hands when you go rafting with an AVA guide and not to mention they are some of the most guides around!

How Long does a rafting trip last?

Our rafting trips vary in length so we are able to find a trip that fits your groups needs. Typically, a 1/3 day trip takes about 3 hours, a 1/2 day trip takes about 4 hours and a full day trip is about a 6 hour time commitment. Times vary due to how the water is flowing that day.

Where should we meet for our rafting trip?

For a Clear Creek Canyon rafting trip you will meet at our Idaho Springs outpost about 30 minutes from Denver. From there, our guides and drivers will handle all transportation to and from the river.

Top Outdoor Activities Near Denver, Colorado


    Clear Creek Canyon provides great rafting only 30 minutes from Denver, Colorado. You must be 6 years of age or older to go rafting in Clear Creek Canyon. There are sections of the river that are 15+. Learn more about rafting.


    Cliffside ziplining in Idaho Springs, Colorado is a great option for flying through the Rockies without having to travel to far. This zipline adventure is integrated into the cliffside where you will zip above the trees, and go through mountain top obstacles. Learn more about ziplining.


    First of all, via ferrata is an unbeatable adventure that includes assisted climbing and traversing across a cliff face. Take in scenic views and if you are afraid of heights don't look down! This trip also includes a few ziplines as well. We can't think of a better way to spend a day in Denver then at our Via Ferrata course on Mount Evans! Learn more about via ferrata.


    The famous Gerogetown Loop train ride is about 1 hour from Denver, but don't let that stop you from making the trip. This train ride takes you on a 3 mile loop about 650 feet above ground and across impressive bridges. Whether you are with your kids or your parents this is sure to be a fun adventure for the whole family. Learn more about train rides.


    If you are willing to venture a little father then we offer exciting tours and adventures all around Colorado. Try our Stand Up Paddle Board Trip or Inflatable Kayak Trip down the upper Colorado. We also offer fly fishing, guided hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, hot air balloon rides, off-roading, lodging and multi-day activities. Learn more about all of our activites.



If you are looking to make a day trip or stay close to Denver then the 2 following locations will be the best options for you and your group.

Idaho Springs, Colorado is located 30 minutes west of Denver, Colorado. 


Gerogetown, Colorado, is located 45 minutes west of Denver just past Idaho Springs. 



We have a lot of outdoor activities all over the state of Colorado. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the Rocky Mountains once of these locations may be the best option for you. 

Breckenridge, Colorado is located 1 hour and 30 minutes west of Denver, Colorado


  1. Blue River Rafting
  2. Hot Air balloons

Kremmling, Colorado is located 2 hours north west from Denver, Colorado. 


  1. Upper Colorado Rafting Trips
  2. Stand Up Paddle Boards
  3. Inflatable Kayaks
  4. Fly Fishing Trips
  5. River & Rafting Gear Rentals
  6. Off-Roading UTV Rentals
  7. Horseback riding
  8. Guided Hiking
  9. Overnight and Multi-day Adventures

Buena Vista, Colorado located 2 hours and 15 minutes southwest of Denver. 


  1. Arkansas River Rafting
  2. Mountain Top Ziplining
  3. Granite Via Ferrata
  4. Rock Climbing
  5. Overnight & Multi-day Adventures
  6. Horseback Riding
  7. Lodging: Cabins and Campsites



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