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Glenwood Springs




In 1860, Capitan Richard Sopris laid claim to this historic mountain town, though not before the Ute Indians called Glenwood Springs home utilizing the healing powers of the hot mineral springs. They named them “Yampah” which means “Big Medicine”, a name still held today.

Sitting at the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado River, Glenwood is historically known for the world’s largest natural medicinal hot sulfur springs pool. Constructed in 1890, Glenwood became known as the “Spa in the Rockies”, and attracted the likes of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, infamous gangster Al Capone and world famous “Doc” Holiday.


Glenwood Springs Whitewater Rafting & Other Activities

Glenwood Springs is also close to the starting point of many popular hiking trails like Hanging Lake and Grizzly Creek. Glenwood’s colorful history and scenic beauty lure millions of travelers from all over the world each year. Enjoy white water rafting right in Glenwood Springs on Shoshone Rapids. This more mild class III family whitewater rafting trip has a minimum age of 6 and features the rapids Man Eater, The Wall, and the Tombstone. 


What is the closest rafting to Glenwood Springs?

The closest rafting to Glenwood Springs is on the Shoshone rapids just outside of town. These are class III rapids and kids as young as 5 years old can raft on the Shoshone.

What is the closest ziplining to Glenwood Springs?

There is ziplining right in Glenwood Springs at the Glenwood Canyon Zipline Adventure.

What is the best rafting near Glenwood Springs?

The Shoshone in Glenwood offers great rafting. The most popular rafting in Colorado is the Buena Vista which is about 2 hours south of Glenwood Springs.

When is the Glenwood Springs Rafting Season?

You can raft in Glenwood Springs between May and September. Each year, the rafting season is different based on water levels. The most common time to raft is June.

Glenwood Springs Adventure Tips

Is there Family-Friendly rafting near Glenwood Springs?

Rafting is a great family activity. Rafting trips on the Shoshone near Glenwood allow visitors ages 5+. The Shoshone had moderate rapids where some physical exertion is required.

Is it Safe to go Rafting Near Glenwood Springs?

Whitewater rafting involves inherent risks, but as long as your listen to your guides then you will have a great experience rafting the Shoshone.

How long is the average rafting trip near Glenwood Springs?

The Shoshone is a half day rafting trip where you spend about 2.5 hours in the River. You can choose from morning or afternoon trips on the Shoshone.

What should you pack for a Glenwood Springs rafting trip?

Don't forget to pack is a pair of dry clothes. You will get a wet suit and a a splash jacket from your rafting guide, but you swim suit and any other clothes you wear under that will get wet. Pack those dry clothes to change into after your trip.



Rafting on the Shoshone or ziplining in Glenwood Canyon!

Breckenridge, Colorado, located about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Glenwood Springs


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