This winter, treat yourself to some fun. AVA has trips you dream about taking but never seem to know the right way to book it. We all love snow and the majestic mountain scenery, but what if I told you that there is more to do when it comes to indulging in the white stuff, then just skiing or snowboarding when we get plethora of snow!


Spend a day with family or friends in one of the coolest places doing something rad and extreme! Rent a snowmobile this winter and get a chance to ride in the beautiful Vail Pass area! Never rode a snowmobile? Oh don't fret my friend, a lot easier than it looks. Snowmobiling is a blast! After riding one, you will be saving up some cash to buy your very own. As long as there is snow, count on snowmobiles being available! With this amazing adventure you are on your own, just you and your group. Everyone wants the option of having a freedom. This is your getaway. Choose between a half day rental which is about three hours, or a full day which is six hours of riding!! Getting up late? Wanna sleep in on your vacation or day off? Good you have the option of an evening snowmobile cruise. With this option its about a two hour cruise right around sunset. Book your trip today. Snowmobile trips last until about April. 


Whether it's family, friends, or a special someone, sleigh rides are a great winter activity. AVA offers an amazing sleigh ride that will make you wonder what you have been doing all these past winters. Whether you just want a quick ride through a winter wonderland, or want to make a full night of it with dinner waiting for you when you return, sleigh rides are a classic winter pasttime that must be enjoyed. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, including the snowy peaks of Breckenridge, while riding on an open sleigh driven by horses. Savor in your hot yummy coco while basking in the crisp Summit County air. Rides are available seven days a week at all different times to meet your vacation itinerary. 

What better way to spend the holidas than by partaking some activities that will create memories for a lifetime?! Plan one of these adventures and you will not be disappointed!