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Colorado's Via Ferratas


But seriously, what is a Via Ferrata?

Via Ferrata
/vee-uh•fur-aht-ta/ n. A mountain route equipped with fixed ladders, cables, and bridges in order to be accessible to climbers and walkers.

Get it? I’d be impressed if you did! A via ferrata is a way to traverse across and up a cliff-face by walking across iron bars that have been inserted into the rock face. Via Ferrata is an Italian term that literally means ‘iron road’. Via Ferratas trace back to the 19th century, however, they are most famously known for their presence in World War I. Several Via Ferrata courses were built in the Italian Dolomite mountain region to help troops move throughout the rocky terrain. Fast forward a few years to when recreation-junkies caught wind of these protected climbing paths; There are now over 1,000 via ferratas in the world. You can find guided and unguided via ferrata courses across the globe, including North America, China, Africa, Iceland and more.

Via Ferratas in Colorado

You know those recreation-junkies I mentioned earlier? Yeah, we’re some of those junkies. AVA is home to 2 guided Colorado Via Ferrata courses:

MOUNT EVANS VIA FERRATA You can join us on the cliffside in Idaho Springs, a historic mining town just 30 minutes from downtown Denver, on the Mount Evans Via Ferrata. This course is complete with a 50 foot free fall, 70 foot rappel and multiple suspended bridges situated 300 feet above Chicago Creek. You even get to do 3-lines of the Cliffside Zipline course, voted 2018’s Best Adventure Park of the Rockies by Elevation Outdoors!

GRANITE VIA FERRATA Head south to one of the whitewater wonders of the world to the town of Buena Vista, CO. This charming town is situated at the base of the Collegiate Peaks along the Arkansas River. On the Mount Evans Via Ferrata, you’ll head high above the Arkansas River to rappel down a rock face, free fall 65 feet and


Looking for more adventure with your Via Ferrata trip? Package your via ferrata with rafting on the Arkansas River in Buena Vista or Clear Creek in Idaho Springs for a full day of Colorado adventure! See all Via Ferrata + Raft Packages



Need a visual? Don’t worry, we got you! Just keep scrolling until you reach our video.

Ok, I'm sold. What do I need to know?

1. First things first, pick your course!

2. Next, book your adventure online or with our Trip Specialists at 877-723-8464.

If you need some help choosing which course or planning your adventure, don’t hesitate to give us a call!


3. Then sign our online waiver form to save time on the day of your trip.

For the easiest and fastest experience on the day of your trip, please sign your waiver at least 1 day before the trip. All guests are required to sign the waiver to participate. Anyone under 18 must have their legal guardian sign the waiver. For anyone who is unable to sign online before their trip we have paper waivers available at check-in. Have your reservation ID handy!


4. After that, you’re ready to prepare yourself for your adventure!

Not sure what to wear, what to bring or what to expect? No need to fret; we’re here to help! Here’s a short list of things to remember:

  • Sturdy, closed-toe footwear
  • Athletic style pants or shorts (we suggest something that at least covers your knees!)
  • Sunscreen & sunglasses
  • Water bottle that can attach to a caribiner

We will provide:

  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Instruction
  • A few thrilling features and memories of a lifetime!


5. Finally, make sure you know where you’re going.


Directions to the Mount Evans Via Ferrata in Idaho Springs


Directions to the Granite Via Ferrata in Buena Vista



Once you get to the appropriate outpost, you’ll head to our front desk to get checked in for your trip, meet your guide and get geared up!