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Family Adventures



Family Adventures

Memories that will last a lifetime!


There are plenty of reasons to choose AVA for a family excursion, but there is no better reason than the memories that these trips will create for you and your kids. A Colorado adventure will bring you closer together, and be the highlight of your trip – your kids might never stop asking to come back for more. One last thing before we get to the planning, our guides are trained to follow every safety protocol, so mom and dad can focus on building memories and leave the safety and planning up to us!

We have a trip for you and your family that will make your vacation absolutely unforgettable.


We Know That Every Family Is Different

and that is why we have different trips for every age, ability, and adventure seeker. The best part about our trips is that even if you have a wide age range in your family, our adventures are incredible for every age. Parents, don’t worry about signing up for a boring trip- there is no such thing! It works out perfectly for a family vacation, but we do have to mention that we are strict about our age minimums in order to keep everyone safe on every trip. Below you will find our adventures broken down by age group.  These age requirements are subject to change when it comes to rafting during different times of the year, but we handle that and will be sure to notify you if age requirements increase during your trip time!


We Prioritize Safety

Safety is our priority and that is why we have age minimums for our trips. This will ensure that the youngest in your group will be safe and happy, and don’t worry about the oldest in your group because all of our trips are fun for all ages and typically have features that older kids can opt. into!


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Commonly Asked Family Adventure Questions

We understand that you will have lots of questions when it comes to planning your perfect family vacation.

  • Is it safe for kids to go whitewater rafting?

    There are different levels of whitewater rafting and that is why we have strict age minimum for every trip. Additioanlly, age minimums change as water levels change, so whitewater rafting is safe for kids as long as you listen to the professional rafting companies about their age minimums and follow those.

  • What to bring on a family whitewater rafting adventure?

    It is important that everyone in your family has shoes that will stay secure to their feet and dry clothes to change into. You will receive a wet-suit and splash jacket during the colder temps and can wear your own athletic clothes if it is warm out. Do not forget sunscreen, and water. The Colorado sun is strong and can cause sun burns as well as dehydration. It is not a bad idea to bring snacks as well for the family!

  • Is it safe for kids to go ziplining?

    It is safe for kids to go ziplining as long as they weigh more than 50 pounds. If a kid or a guide does not feel comfortable they can zipline with the guide tandem style. Ziplining in a great activity for kids, and as long as you go with a reputable company

  • Can kids try via ferrata?

    Via ferrata is great for kids ages 12 and up. It is an exciting experience for them, but it is safe as they are always connected to cables along the entire route. Kids will have to use strength to traverse across the cliff side and so that is why we ask they are at least 12 years old or they may get too tired to continue.

4 Reasons to Choose AVA for your Family Adventure


We have been in the business since 1998 and we have always prioritize training and safety. When you and your family raft with us, you will see first hand that we are professionals who have been in the business for over 20 years.


Not only are our guides committed to safety, but they are committed to making sure you family has an unbelievable time, They are full of trivia, jokes, and more ways to make the kiddos smile while enjoying their Colorado adventure.


We are not a one size fits all type of company and that is why we have so many trips, locations, and options for your family. This can make choosing a trip difficult, but we are here to help customize the perfect trip for your family to make memories that will last a lifetime.


With AVA, your family trip will be all-inclusive so there will be no extra things you need to purchase for the family for your vacation. We also offer kids pricing, because we want you all to come have the experience of a lifetime with us without breaking the bank.

Planning the perfect family vacation is not easy!

Let us help! Take our quiz, so we can recommend trips that will fall into your family vacation guidelines.


Still not sure what you are looking for? That is okay, this trip finder gives you all of the options that we offer, and you can narrow it down as you see fit in order to pick the right trip for your family!