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Family Trips

Family Trips

Seriously...fun for the whole family.

We know, sometimes it's a serious challenge to find activities your entire family will enjoy. But look no further, AVA's family rafting trips, zipline tours and other Colorado summer activities will appease the whole group. We have trips for kids ages 3 and up and it's easy to find the perfect trip for you and your brood. With trips on 8 rivers, zipline tours in 2 locations, and long list of other fun adventures like horseback riding or hot air balloon tours, we'll help you plan your family trip in no time. We have trips across Colorado so it's easy to find a trip near you.

An adventure with AVA is great way to get everyone in your family to unplug and reconnect. There's no comparison to the outdoor experiences you can family on AVA's family trips. The video games, cell phones and emails don't stand a chance when compared to towering canyon walls, zipping across mountainous alpine terrain, and working together as a team to navigate some seriously fun whitewater. You'll all finish your day with huge smiles.